Our UI Design Services

User Interface design is what gives a user the primary impression of your site or app. That very initial beholding is often critical to spark likeability. The more engaged the user becomes, the more important becomes usability. Both these aspects shape the UI design experience and tell the story of the brand and product. We design user experiences that effectively ensure the digital solution which becomes a lovable product. Our goal is to make the user’s life as simple and as pleasant as possible.

Our UI design team specializes in creating beautiful and functional interface designs for various digital solutions. Our extensive experience ranges from corporate and campaign websites to apps to intranets, dashboard visualizations, and complex enterprise solutions. We believe that creativity and visual design are important. Combining user insights, UX best practice, strategic approach, and branding we craft simple, effective, intuitive, and delightful interface design solutions that fit the product and brand purpose to meet users’ needs.

UX Research

Responsive design

It’s a multi-device world. Responsive web design is essential. Our team builds digital products that look great and deliver the best user experience on all devices. Crayon in-house designers have a breadth of experience in responsive design, we create functional products that look great on the online, mobile, and tablet devices.

Wire Framing

Contemporary design, fundamental ideas

All of our designers are formally trained in color theory, and the principles of visual design such as balance, hierarchy, and the appropriate use of textures and shapes. These deep credentials are complemented by keeping a tap on the pulse of modern UI design developments such as the use of digital illustrations, interaction design, 3D graphics, and transition design.

Interaction Design

Look & Feel Framework

We specialize in a design language that mixes the classic principles of successful design along with side innovation and technology. Our goal is to develop a design system that allows for unified user experience. All components are made within the same style and may easily be integrated into new pages and projects, allowing you to make new solutions. We work closely with your team members, to design and develop color palettes, style guidelines, and layouts that reflect the corporate culture while enhancing the usability of the product UI.

Wire Framing

Creative Guidelines

To ensure smooth future development and straightforward expandability, we’ll put together a group of guidelines that provide a summary of design patterns, fonts and \designs, the layout structure, color palette, and a list of technical considerations and constraints.

By investing in UI design, clients can boost their ROI significantly as we enhance the UX making your app’s functionality more accessible and intuitive.


At the foremost basic level, UI is formed from all the weather that enables someone to interact with a product or service. UX, on the opposite hand, is what the individual interacting thereupon product or service takes faraway from the whole experience.

Take Google, for example. Its famously spartan interface highlights how an excellent experience doesn’t require bells and whistles. By focusing on the user, Google knows that when they come to the site, they’re after one thing: information. And they want it quickly.

The fact that ‘google’ may be a widely accepted verb shows how well the corporate delivers thereon experience and expectation. Just about anything a person has ever wanted to know can be accessed in the blink of an eye and few other search engines survive today.

Now imagine that each time you searched on Google, it took 15 seconds to urge a result you’d not be ready to instantly get a solution to your question. Even if the interface stayed an equivalent, your experience with Google would be dramatically different.

If you’ve created a project in UI, downloaded it, and made some changes, e.g. connected to a backend and added logic for UI, you can make changes in UI, download a new version of the project and merge it with the current one with any version control system.

We can build these components for you in two possible ways:

  • If the component you need is widespread and can be used for other client business, we can do it for free according to our product roadmap and at our sole discretion. As a result, the component will become available for all UI users.
  • If the component you need is specific to your business, we can create it at a fixed price. The price will depend on the component complexity, and in this case, the component will be available only for your company employees
  • Prototyping
  • Review and Validation
  • User Acceptance

Regardless of the option you choose, please contact us on info@crayoninfotech.com to get more details.

For now, you need to download the code and connect the back-end to it manually involving your development team. We are planning to add a back-end connection to the UI in the near future. Check ideas priority to know when this future will come.

We have an open idealist created for your comfortable collaboration with us. We would highly appreciate it if you follow the link and suggest any new ideas you consider to be useful for your business. Let’s collaborate to enhance UI and extend its functionality!