Startup Product Development

A start-up faces new challenges daily. Your competition and your customers are new, additionally, you have a lean budget to implement technology, management, marketing, and more. There is no better time to align with a professional services partner than right now. We offer product development services for companies that are looking to implement cutting-edge technology within a confined budget that is scalable.

Offering products and/or services in a highly competitive market are not easy for a startup company. There are numerous variables to consider prior to and during product development. Identifying the key factors of what your customers are looking for and how to market against your competition are the first steps to achieving success.

Benefits start-up product development

  • a. Streamlining Order Process
  • b. Stronger Online Presence
  • c. More Return Sales with Lower Return Rates

Our Clients

Tractor Guru – Ultimate Agri marketplace

Tractor Guru is India’s dedicated Farm Mechanization Marketplace which enables price discovery, research, and facilitates transactions by maximizing potential buyers for Tractors. Tractor Guru is a new and used tractor selling/buying and brings an element of delight in this process.

Who can access Tractor Guru?

The internal team can access and update the product details. Dealers and consumers who wish to sell and purchase tractors.

How can the end-user benefit from this Application?

Application is implemented with the latest search engine with the latest friendly technology changes on the product to get a good online presence. The website is designed for user-friendly experience for consumers and customers who wish to sell and purchase tractors.

Walk Trendy – One-stop footwear platform.

Walk Trendy is a young company incorporated to pursue some great business ideas and awesome designs. Walk Trendy’s first of its kind is specifically created keeping in mind trendy and comfortable footwear for kids. It’s an online shopping portal extremely convenient and easy to shop.

Who can access it?

The product team who updates the product on the website, Customer Service team who interacts with the customer to solve their queries and customers who can shop footwear on their portal.

How can the end-user benefit from this Application?

Easy and attractive User Interface design and development to improve brand credibility for growing in the Indian market. With the ordering phase to invoice, CPM, and delivery management.

Snackible – Snacks/food e-commerce platform.

Snackible is a simply delicious snack eCommerce platform to eat smart and stay healthy. Providing options that are unique, tasty, and healthy, and without any chemicals and preservatives. Snackible snacks are the solution to everyone’s “snack life crisis”.

Who can access Snackible?

The internal team can access and update the product details. Customers who wish to purchase their healthy products.

How can the end-user benefit from this Application?

Snackible is a healthy alternative to beat mid-meal hunger pangs. Customers can order their snacks anytime anywhere at their comfort. The website is user friendly for customers to shop according to their preference. There are various Coupon system, Event system, Offers, and loyalty program for the customers to avail benefit.

Live 101 –  Artist listing portal.

Live101 is a live entertainer on-demand platform made to ease for anyone who would like to book live entertainers for their event.

Who can Access Live 101?

The backend team managing the functioning of the website so that it works smoothly. The artist who can list themself on the website. Customers who are in hunt of an artist for their upcoming events.

How can the end user benefit from this Application?

The customers can directly connect to the artist when they need to hire them. Several Coupons, Event systems, Offers, and loyalty programs are offered to the audiences to avail the benefit.