Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertising is a new buzz in the world of digital marketing. Programmatic advertising generates a clear marketplace for brands to establish effective customer engagement in real-time with precise targeting of the audience. Programmatic advertising is gaining popularity day by day.

Advantages of Programmatic advertising

  • Optimizing brand’s reach

  • Real-time measurement & transparency

  • Better tracking capacity

  • Precise audience targeting

  • Enhanced quality and efficiency of advertising

Programmatic Advertising Process

We are emerging as the leading programmatic advertising agency in Mumbai that offers a wide range of buying solutions and media planning. Our programmatic media process is given below.

  • Select Network

    Selecting the network that can meet all the objectives by providing full support, transparency, and budget-friendly. Our team processes and selects the best network for planning programmatic advertising.

  • Planning & Strategy

    Our team does an in-depth analysis to understand the key performance indicators and plan programmatically to achieve them with the chosen networks to align the strategy. For this, our team conducts simple tests, targeting, retargeting, aggressive prospecting, etc.

  • Create Ad

    Providing creative solutions since not all the platforms in programmatic is fully automatic that is why to ensure its effective performance few programs need a human touch to it.

  • Optimization of programmatic advertising

    Performing regular analysis while optimizing campaigns to check the audience watching ads, websites on which ads appear, the geographical reach of ads, and various other yardsticks for the value addition in campaigns.

  • Consumer Analytics

    We gather consumer’s data based on demography for better understanding and precise targeting. We also use this data to further optimize the advertising campaigns within our client’s budget

  • Report Generation

    Providing transparent reports of the results achieved to our clients. Performing consistent data analysis with search activity to assess the performance of programmatic advertising in the entire marketing mix.


Providing excellent programmatic ads to our clients with a seamless and smooth process. along with real-time programmatic platforms for brands and prospects as well as a secured database for its optimization by allowing marketers and advertisers to exercise high control on media buys.

Programmatic ads are connecting people and technology to develop a perfect mix of strategy, perceptions, and efficiency to promote a brand with huge success. We provide consumer data as per the demography, geography, behavior, interest, needs, etc, as well as good media buys, professional guidance, and optimization measures to our clients for programmatic advertising. The following are the benefits that a brand achieves through programmatic advertising.

  • Engage the targeted audience with highly relevant content

  • Target and categorize bespoke whitelist of campaign-specific keywords as well as URLs

  • Effective use of data insight and analytics to enhance the campaigns

Programmatic advertising is a technology that gives access to the advertisers to select the audience as per the specific criteria. The software supports buying advertisements automatically and publishing them on all media platforms for the selected audience.

Programmatic advertising does not require human interventions since it involves automatic buying of advertisements and their display on all media channels for the targeted audience. This automation is efficient and cost-effective.

As an advertiser, one needs DSP (demand-side platform) for RTB, uploading creatives, and set campaigns. SSP (supply-side platform) for pricing, listing inventory, and to optimize their engagements is required as a publisher.