Digital Marketing

Welcome to the Future!

Delivering a complete digital experience is like glue binding together all touchpoints, connecting devices, and creating omnichannel experiences. Using best practices and techniques, with a thorough understanding of all the latest technology tools, Crayon Infotech the leading UX Company in Mumbai creates a solution that is both intuitive to use and tailored to match clients’ specific user tasks and business goals.

We always make sure that the top user is at the guts of our design considerations, offering a variety of design services from UX research to interaction design, also as full usability audits. Our UX design approach is rooted in collaborative and iterative design, and our participatory mindset, coupled with our open communication approach is how we always work. We believe success rests upon data-driven user insights.

Our experts design and create digital experiences that are purposeful and enjoyable for end-users, as well as for our clients. Clients’ users are our priority, and our minimum goal is a client’s maximum satisfaction. At Crayon, UX design agency in Mumbai we focus on what’s important for our clients and will make sure that all requested and required features are discussed and delivered.

UX Research

UX Research

Our design experts identify and recommend the best possible user experience for digital solutions.

  • Brand Requirements
  • Business & Technology Requirements
  • Secondary Research
  • Market Trends & Analysis
  • Benchmark Analysis

Wire Framing

UX Design

Leveraging years of design experience, we transform the proposed solution into a proper design. We assist you across the UI/UX journey from wireframes to user flows to prototypes.

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Engineering
  • User flows
  • Wireframes

Interaction Design

UX Strategy

Our dedicated UX design company helps you build groundbreaking digital solutions and applications and enables businesses to deliver compelling user experiences across all channels.

  • Visual Design and Branding
  • Graphics Detailing
  • Prototyping
  • Review and Validation
  • User Acceptance

How We Work

  • Talk to One of Our Domain Experts

    Crayons’ expert will work with you to understand the goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

  • Work with Hand-Selected Talent

    Within days, we’ll introduce you to our professional team for your project.

  • The Right Fit, Guaranteed

    Work closely with our team members, who will deliver quality work within the time frame

Ux Solutions For Higher Engagement And Improved Experience

  • Navigation

    When you have a big website with multiple pages, navigation becomes an important aspect of easy exploration and improved experience.

  • Content and Visual Elements

    The right UX/UI design services allow you to augment your web experience for your users by improving graphical and content elements of your websites.

  • Brand Uniformity

    Logos and website unique design impact your user psychology and some experience stay with your users for a long time, helping you in creating a brand identity.

  • Engagement

    Engagement is improved as your web experience can technically help your users choose you over your competitors and have more conversions.

  • SEO is improved

    User-friendly design is the first thing that helps you in improving your ranks on organic searches and thus web designing helps you achieve it easily.

  • Ideology

    Your brand is differentiated based on your brand ideology and vision and that should resonate in your website allowing your users to connect with your product and services.

How do we widen your user experience?

We follow two important steps at Crayon Infotech. We first study the user’s behavior and plan a wireframe, using the combination of different inputs. The next step is to use this wire-frame based interface . The designers of the interface construct all the weather a user is handling . Making it simple yet attractive is not an easy task, but the magic is created by our top designers.

Our way of designing and developing UI/UX

While developing and designing the UX we do not only concentrate on making the software much more appealing to the users but also how can we improve the functionality and provide a quick result as well. We analyze the software, predict the targeted customers, and how they want their experience to be, represent the end product with the most delightful and rewarding manner.

Some of Our Key Features

  • Software Research and Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Structure
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Deployment


Digital marketing is connecting people using Internet support electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. Digital marketing focuses on channels like search engines, social media, email, websites and apps to attach with prospects and customers.

Digital marketing has evolved to the purpose where an immense array of specialists consult brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs. If you’re new digital marketing, or lack experience or resources, you ought to consider engaging an experienced and versatile digital marketing consultant.

Definitely. Though companies in many business categories still approach digital marketing with skepticism, avoiding digital marketing denies your business access to the media the bulk of consumers address first and at all hours of the day.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of educational and/or entertaining information assets to generate brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales. Marketing content is usually free and doesn’t explicitly promote your brand as a billboard would.

A content marketing strategy may be a plan for building an audience. Elements of content marketing strategy include establishing objectives, audience personas, a worth proposition, content marketing mission statement, a buyer journey map, and plans for creating, promoting and analyzing how content marketing assets and programs perform.

Email, social media, search and other elements of your digital marketing mix will depend upon delivering useful content. Though video outlets, podcasts, and media galleries present other options, a blog is far and away the foremost used tactic for distributing marketing content on a channel over which you have complete control.

Great headlines are the key to getting people to read, watch or listen to your content. Over time, however, your reputation becomes an element too, so you would like to create and honor it. The goal of the content should not be in urging people to travel on your website; it should be to subscribe to them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of using onsite and offsite tactics to help get content presented by a search engine. Done well, the practice increases the quantity and quality of your traffic.

The majority of web traffic is generated by search and people that come by way of search have a greater degree of economic intent than most other channels.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online properties to get traffic from location-based searches. It helps businesses promote products and services to local customers once they need them.

Keywords are the words and phrases searchers use—usually with search engines—to find relevant pages, images, videos, or any quite information when trying to find answers, knowledge, products, or services. SEO professionals consider keywords and therefore the topics they suggest when optimizing content for search.

This question is that the source of endless speculation and debate because program companies like Google won’t answer it. Experts generally agree rankings are supported relevance and authority, but the factors that determine them are many and inconsistent. The best way to achieve a high search engine ranking is to create one of the most thorough web pages possible for a specific keyword or topic.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from your digital property, typically a web page. CRO involves executing tactics to enhance the weather on your site (or app) through testing. Relative to your marketing funnel, CRO focuses on moving prospects to subsequent stages.

Email is stronger than ever. It’s more popular than any social media. It’s more private. More personal. More reliable. Most people believe email and check their inbox multiple times every day . If you want to communicate directly with people who permit you to market to them, email marketing is essential.