Branding & Digital Marketing

From brand conception to company strategy, our branding team will differentiate you from key competitors and position your firm for growth. We offer the flexibility and agility needed to meet your most demanding digital marketing and branding needs and ensure your brand succeeds. Everything about our services is beautifully executed, and our promise to you is that we will deliver exceptional results that will build your brand and increase sales.

Benefits of branding & digital marketing

  • a. More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing
  • b. Strategize with Valuable Data and Analytics
  • c. Improved Conversion Rates

Our Clients

BOOM – Chasing all the data journalism phrase.

BOOM is an independent digital journalism initiative with a mission to fight misinformation and make the internet safer. BOOM is India’s premier fact-checking the website, committed to bringing to our readers verified facts rather than opinion. BOOM also writes pro-active fact files that serve to educate readers on key issues they might have questions about. Subjects that BOOM actively fact checks range from political, social, communal, and health and medicine to products and services and even history.

What was the goal?

  • To achieve 1 Million + Traffic on the article. Making sharable ads.
  • Ads cost optimization to improve Ad spend. Building Trackable UTM parameters.
  • Analysing and providing Campaign insights.

What were the Results?

  • Achieved 5 Million Traffic within days i.e. 5x to the target given by the client.
  • Brand name Traffic for the website got increased by 15%
  • Social Page Engagement increased by 20%

India Food Network – Reaching millions from recipes and blogs.

India Food Network or IFN has a mission to take Indian food to the world. It is a one-stop destination for everything food in India. They have got delicious recipes, hungry travellers, and tons of culinary fun created and curated for foodies by foodies.

What was the goal?

  • Provide engaging content
  • Generate leads
  • Increase in sales
  • Create a brand name

What were the Results?

  • 59k total video views
  • 11,000 count
  • Increased 20,000 subscribers and 5000 Likes on Facebook
  • Google Analytics resulted in high-quality visitors along with accelerated goals

Tractor Guru – Zero to market leader.

Tractor Guru’s Purpose is to ‘Simplify Mechanization’. Tractor Guru delivers goals through advanced digital tech and analytics. Tractor Guru currently lists over 300 tractors available for sale in India. Users can read high-quality content, compare specifications.

What was the goal?

  • To be a market leader within 2 years.
  • Getting trust in Brand.
  • Optimizing Ads cost.

What were the Results?

  • Zero to the Market leader in 9 months.
  • 2,00,000+ monthly Traffic within 12 months.
  • 1,00,000 Facebook likes within 100 days.
  • Out of the total 2000 Tractor related Keywords, Tractor Guru was ranking in the top 3 for 1850 keywords.

Lodha – Chasing leads.

Whether it’s transforming the skyline of Mumbai with one of India’s most iconic landmarks, crafting some of the most desirable residences in London, creating a world-class destination in the heart of Mumbai, or delivering India’s No.1 smart city*, one name is transforming the way we live with landmarks of global standards: Lodha.

What was the goal?

To reach the hyperlocal audience that is the people currently residing in Navi Mumbai.

What were the Results?

Online lead generation implemented the perfect blend of the trending digital marketing strategies that enhanced the brand presence and conversion optimization. The Methodical effort made our client happy generating an impressive impact.

  • Total impression: 1, 06,480
  • Total Reach: 34,152
  • Total Clicks: 2,997
  • Total Leads: 166
  • Period: 70 days

Rivana Gold and Diamonds – Localize marketing.

To craft collectable design jewellery at affordable prices, Rivana Gold and Diamonds were incepted in April 2018. Rivana Gold & Diamonds has vast experience in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling in India and abroad. In a short span, the brand has created ripples amongst the patrons of designer jewellery. Having designing & manufacturing as an inhouse strength, Rivana has been effectively providing artistic pieces at competitive pricing to its customers.

What was the goal?

Boost the brand and generate lead.

What were the Results?

In 1 and half year:

  • FB Fanbase reached 90k+ Likes
  • The Emailers had an Open Rate of 14% wherein the industry standards range between 3% to 5%
  • 12 Million People reached through Online Marketing
  • 5,500 Retailers Engaged

Kissan Tiffin Time Table – Reaching 1000+ mothers after launch.

Kissan Tiffin Time Table is a dedicated website for Kid’s school tiffin recipes using Kissan products (jams, sauces, etc). The team posts recipes consisting of text, images, and videos with ingredients along with steps it has also enabled commenting and chatting for mothers in case they need any help for recipes.

What was the goal?

Connecting mothers with the platform for tiffin recipes.

What were the Results?

  • Attracted 1,000+ mothers to the Facebook group within 3 months organically
  • Resulted in 50,000+ traffic within 6 months from SEO

Knorr – Ads on lowest cost.

Knorr’s products are available around the world in local flavours. Their global and local understanding enables to provide you with great tasting international favourites, helping you sample authentic flavours from cultures far and wide. The most selling product be the Knorr Cup-A-Soup range which is available in various flavours like Mixed Veg, Sweet Corn Veg, Manchow Veg, and Tomato Chatpata.

What was the goal?

Increasing reach of recipe videos with Knorr Soup.

What were the Results?

Received 500k views through Facebook and Instagram Ads. At a cost of 0.25 paisa per view.

Chings – Reaching B2B, B2C audience in one go.

Ching’s Secret is an Indian brand of Indian Chinese cuisine aka Desi Chinese cuisine with products which include instant noodles, instant soups, cook up soups, Desi Chinese masala, sauces, and schezwan chutney.

What was the goal?

  • To connect with retailers and shopping mart owners for increasing the supply chain.
  • Using marketing materials with Ranveer Singh and increase brand Magnitude.

What were the Results?

  • Connected with 5000+ Retailers by running Campaigns throughout the year.
  • Got 100K visitor through organic ranking within 6 months